Feed Apparel founded in 2018 was created to fuse fashion with a good cause.

The founder, Patrick Sylvester came across an article of a gentleman in India who gave up his well-paid job working in a 5* hotel as a catering manager to feed the homeless people of India with his own money. The reason why the gentlemen gave up his job was that one day whilst he was driving back home and waiting in the heavy traffic, he saw a homeless person eating his own excretion due to extreme poverty.

This saddening but uplifting story gave Patrick the inspiration and drive to create Feed Apparel. We give customers the choice to feed who they want! We currently offer:

  • Working in partnership with Feeding India we can feed a person in India for a whole month with nutritious food
  • Working in collaboration with Foodinate we can feed 3 people in need in London with hot meals

We thank everyone for their support and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas to help us grow!